Numero Zero – Umberto Eco – Quotes

I’d lost all faith in everything, except for the certainty that there’s always someone behind our back wanting to deceive us. “The whole business of mobile phones can’t last,’ declared Simei. ‘First, they cost a fortune and only a few can afford them. Second, people will soon discover it isn’t so essential to telephone everyone …

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Numero Zero – Umberto Eco

It has been a while since I read anything by Umberto Eco, so I decided to give it a shot. The main character, Colonna, is an unsuccessful writer who became a translator. One day in 1992 his friend offers him a well paid job - he is supposed to be an assistant editor in a …

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Keeping an Eye Open – Julian Barnes – Visual Quotes

One of the things Barnes mentioned in his book was whether there is any point in describing and discussing art (the old words vs pictures as a method of communicating emotions). I already used words in my review, so now I decided to share with you one picture of each artist mentioned by Barnes. What pictures …

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