White Teeth – Zadie Smith – Quotes

This is what divorce is: taking things you no longer want from people you no longer love. ...traditionally the Dickinson-Smith were insatiable in their desire to see Dickinson-Smith blood spilled on foreign soil. And on the occasions when there wasn't a war the Dickinson-Smiths busied themselves with the Irish Situation, a kind of Dickinson-Smith holiday …

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White Teeth – Zadie Smith

After failing to finish NW and happily re-reading On Beauty I discovered I have a copy of White Teeth on my shelf, it was probably lingering there for over a year, a result of one of my countless book hauls last year. A lovely coincidence indeed. I read the book in October, before we changed the time, when …

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Cain – José Saramago – Quotes

This episode, which gave rise to the first definition of a hitherto unknown concept, original sin, has never been satisfactorily explained. Firstly, even the most rudimentary of intelligences would have no difficulty in grasping that being properly informed about something is always preferable to being ignorant, especially in such delicate matters as good and evil, …

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