I do not have a problem…I do not! Really!

I refuse to admit I have a book buying problem. I was able to carry all the books I bought home, myself...this means it is all under control, right? Ok, let me start at the beginning. Since mid-August I have been constantly travelling (12 flights in two months, I think I am now able to …

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September round-up

I cannot pretend anymore that it's still summer. The time has come when I wake up before sunrise and that makes it official for me - autumn is upon us! Being in Spain for the last two weeks of September helped to sustain the illusion that summer is not over, but UK kindly welcomed me …

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The Pure Gold Baby – Margaret Drabble – Quotes

Jess has not travelled much since Anna’s birth. She has left the field. As a student, she had pictured herself eagerly wandering the wide world. But she has been constrained by circumstance, like many women through the ages, constrained largely to an indoor terrain. Her daughter must come first, and for Jess maternity has no …

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