By Nightfall – Michael Cunningham

I read The Hours years ago, and obviously watched the movie. Loved both at the time but have not read anything by Cunningham since then. I found this book in the local flea market, where I picked it up for 50p. Reading it made me realize how I changed as a person. I’m still a …

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In Their Footsteps – Tess Gerritsen

This was one of the vacation reads that I read between more serious books. It is the most basic of thrillers. I will be brief about it, because it really is not much to talk about. A daughter of spy parents that were killed years ago in Paris, decides to find out exactly what happened. …

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Vacant Possession – Hilary Mantel – Quotes

I didn't select many quotes from this book, but I think these ones are really worth sharing. Something to make you smile this Wednesday. Enjoy! The children no longer needed her, and the marriage was not worthy of sustained attention. It just ran on, taking care of itself. After twenty years you can't expect passion. …

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