Levels of Life – Julian Barnes

I read this book a while ago, during my summer vacation in Portugal. It is a short book, you could consider it a long essay, but in just over a 100 pages it packs a punch. It unapologetically goes after our emotions, hitting exactly where it hurts the most, or where we're scared it would …

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Best books of 2018 and plans for 2019

I know you all have been flooded by this type of posts in the last few days, but it's that time of the year. We all just have to bear it with dignity and write our own post on the best books and our plans 😉 As always I just could not decide on a …

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England, England and Brexit – Quotes

Below are two more quotes I picked from England, England by Julian Barnes I want to post them separately because for me they directly relate to the current situation in UK and EU even though they were published in 1998, when the world was a happier place...or was it? After various attempts at rescue, Europe declined to …

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