#20booksofsummer 2018

Another year and we’re back. Thanks to Cathy at 746 Books we get to continue the challenge for another year! Here’s the link to Cathy’s master post, so you can how things work at the source. As every year I will cheat a bit and will not post a list of books I plan to read, because that’s a sure way for me not to read them, instead the list will be growing here as I go, initally the links will be to Amazon, but once I publish a review (r) the link will take you to it. Last year I finished before the deadline, so I’ll try to hit 20 this year too, even though so far the year is a lot slower, somehow I cannot keep my focus properly on reading, too many other things going on.

0. How to Be Both – Ali Smith
1. A Death in Valencia – Jason Webster
2. The Blind Man of Seville – Robert Wilson
3. Wish You Were Here: England on Sea – Travis Elborough
4. A Ja Żem Jej Powiedziała… – Katarzyna Nosowska
5. Spain – Jan Morris



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