Reading Ireland Month 2016

My self devised project – it all started with me buying a lot of books as souvenirs from travelling Irish west coast. I decided it may be a good idea to read them together to get clearer idea of Irish literature and October seemed a good month for it.

Here is what’s on the list, crossed out books have been read, as I review the books the links will be updated to take you to my reviews, but for now they will take you to amazon to buy the book if you so decide.

  1. The Country Girls – Edna O’Brien (r)
  2. The Sea – John Banville (r)
  3. The Gathering – Anne Enright (r)
  4. The Book of Evidence – John Banville (r)
  5. The Fall of the Light – Niall Williams (r)
  6. Taking Pictures – Anne Enright (r)
  7. Solar Bones – Mike McCormack (r)
  8. Time and Tide – Edna O’Brien, Polish edition (r)

13 thoughts on “Reading Ireland Month 2016

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