Reading Ireland month…or a bit longer

As I mentioned before I brought some books from my trip to Ireland. I surely have not read enough of Irish literature, so this is my chance to catch up, I decided to focus on reading those books over the next month. Initially it was supposed to be only an October thing but as I’m starting late with Anne Enright’s ‘Taking Pictures’, I also decided to give myself more time.

As the autumn is definitely, undeniably, darkly and coldly here, I’m making a cup of tea and wrapping myself in blanket to read Ireland.

Here is the original list:

20160829_103349 (2000x1221)

And here is a bonus I discovered this week when staying at my family home:

20161009_100557 (513x800).jpg

It’s Edna O’Brien’s ‘Time and Tide’ in a 1997 Polish edition.

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska

8 thoughts on “Reading Ireland month…or a bit longer

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