September round-up

Welcome back! September round up is a bit delayed and I’ve been quiet last month. I’m almost willing to say that it was a planned break o give you all a bit of rest… but it wasn’t, it was a mix of wonderful vacation in Spain and not so wonderful root canal treatment (I do recommend it as a diet though, really puts you off eating).

There is a lot to catch up on, so I decided to post separately in the next few days on #20booksofsummer and on my reading plans for the next few weeks.

Reading in September was slow, it was difficult to focus because of travelling and the tooth. I’m happy about almost all the books I read, it definitely was time well spent.

63. The Goldfinch – Donna Tart (r) – actually finished in October, but read most of it in September and if I was in good shape would have finished, so I allowed myslef a little cheat here. The book was a treat,its size kept me puting it off forever, but it didn’t seem so long at all when I read it.
62. Ghosts of Spain: Travels Through a Country’s Hidden Past – Giles Tremlett (r) – fatastic book to read when in Spain, or not actually in Spain as I discovered travelling to Basque Country and Catalonia, two parts of the country that fiercely claim being separate nations  and countries from Spain.
61. Alone (The Girl in the Box #1) – Robert J. Crane – that’s the one I’m not very happy about, but it’s been on my Kindle forever, so now at least it’s off the list.
60. Drive – James Sallis (r) – interesting and in my opinion overrated, but at least now I can have an opinion
59. Homage to Barcelona – Colm Toibin (r)- great preparation before going to Barcelona.

How was your September? Are you ready for autumn?

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska

2 thoughts on “September round-up

  1. I found exactly the same thing about The Goldfinch – for a long book, it didn’t feel long. In fact, I compared it to when the weather report says “It’s ten degrees but it feels like 5.” This book was 771 pages but it felt like 300. I couldn’t stop reading – I was squeezing in minutes here and there, going to sleep late, getting up early, all because of Theo and his painting. A true page-turner.

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