What I brought from Ireland

While I was in Ireland I was thinking what to bring back as a souvenir. I usually try to pick something I interact with often to remind me about my travels, things like jewelry, fountain pens, bags and, of course, books. As I was never very well read in Irish fiction I decided there’s no better time and place than Ireland to buy books, killing two birds with on stone – catching up on my knowledge of Irish fiction and getting something that will make me remember this fantastic vacation.

Here’s what I got, as you can see it’s seven books, and this is the number I usually read per month, so I’m wondering if not to make October my personal Irish reading month.

Have you read those books? Did you like them? Which one should I start with in October?

What do you bring as souvenirs from your vacation?

20160829_103349 (2000x1221)

I finally also downloaded my photos from Ireland to my laptop and started weeding through them, 200 down yesterday, 1480 to go through.

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska

6 thoughts on “What I brought from Ireland

  1. Disha

    Glad to see you picked up some of my favourite Irish author-books. Edna O’Brien + Anne Enright! The Green Road, by AE is probably the best one of hers. Hope you had a good time here, were you in Dublin?

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  2. I’ve read some Enright and very much enjoyed them. I think books make a great souvenir, especially from Ireland with its rich literary history.

    I visited Ireland about 14 years ago and bought back a few particular things – a Belleek honeypot, chosen because it was in Ireland that I saw my first bumble bee (and I couldn’t believe how big and fuzzy and lovely they were!); some table linen that I found in a little antique store near Dingle; and a turf Claddagh decoration for my Christmas tree (I always buy a Christmas decoration from every country I visit – my tree doesn’t have a ‘theme’, just lots of happy travel memories).


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