#20booksofsummer 2020

Another year is underway! This one quite unique given we’re all still at least in semi-lockdown as the COVID-19 virus rages across the world. The world and our lives have become a bit smaller, with no access to far and wide travel, but books and the Internet remain our amazing windows to the world. Cathy at 746 Books is our lovely host for another year. Here’s the link to Cathy’s master post, so you can how things work at the source. Also here you can see Cathy’s list for 2020.

I will follow my tradition, driven by my fear of commitment, and not share a list of what I’ll be reading upfront. It will, however, grow below as I go, initially, the links will be to Amazon, but once I publish a review (r) the link will take you to it. I’m still aiming at 20 books this year, even though last year there was a small glitch.

9. The Days of Abandonment – Elena Ferrante
8. Impas. Opór, utrata, niemoc w sztuce – Maria Poprzęcka
7. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon – Stephen King
6. Kocie Chrzciny. Lato i Zima w Finlandii – Małgorzata Sidz
5. North Korea Journal – Michael Palin
4. Złote Piachy – Sylwia Siedlecka
3. Rites of Passage – William Golding
2. Detroit: An American Autopsy – Charlie LeDuff
1.A Crime in the Neighborhood – Suzanne Berne (r)

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