20 Books of Summer 2019 – how did it go?

This year’s challenge finished on the 3rd September, so typically I am a few days behind on the summary post. And more than a few days behind on the reviews. Cathy at 746 Books as always was a fantastic host, thank you!!!  You can find her opening and closing posts here and here.

So how did it go? I did not complete my 20 books. As I tend to bend the rules I do not commit to a list upfront, it grows as I read. This year for the first time I did not manage to read 20, but I read a close 19. Half of the reviews are still pending, but you can see the list and reviews as they come up here. I am a tiny bit disappointed that I did not make it, but not really surprised. 2019 has been the slowest reading year for me since I started blogging. It looks like I just can’t get my reading mojo back.

Despite that, I’ve had some really good books on the list and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Also, I finally read a bit more crime, as in the last months it was very quiet on that front. Because of my August vacation, I did a lot of my reading on Kindle, which was also refreshing as in the last 2-3 years this is the only time it gets used. I think it must be feeling quite lonely.

How did it go for you?

One thought on “20 Books of Summer 2019 – how did it go?

  1. That’s some nice books there! I loved the Ozeki and might well re-read that at some point. I did TEN books off my list though read 27 books and fitted in a nervous breakdown which involved no reading for a couple of days. What a weird summer. Looking to come back to the fold next summer!

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