Warto Żyć – Lejb Fogelman

This is another book that I got from my mother for the International Children Day. As I was in the mood for Polish books and this sounded like a nice and easy read I got on with it pretty quickly. I had no idea who Fogelman is, but the title sounded appealing (rough translation would …

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Spain – Jan Morris – Quotes

Quite a lot of quotes this time, especially for such a short book, but they show how vivid and multi-faceted picture of Spain Morris paints. The only properly modern big cities in Spain - cities, that is to say, comparable to the metropoles of industrial West - are Barcelona and Bilbao: the one a rip-roaring, …

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Wish You Were Here: England on Sea – Travis Elborough

Finally a book that I did not buy in Stanford's! This one I bought when my mum visited me in London and we went for The Great British Seaside photography exhibition in the Maritime Museum in Greenwich. It was really great fun, with photographs  by Tony Ray-Jones, David Hurn and Simon Roberts and Martin Parr, it …

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