12 bookshops for 12 months

In one of my posts in December I decided to broaden my bookshops horizons. This page will be a one-stop-shop to show my progress through the year, initially the links will be to the bookshop website, as I work my way through the list I’ll be replacing them with the links to my posts. Here’s the list:

January – Hatchards (r)

February – Daunt Books (r)

March – Persephone Bookshop (r)

April – London Review Bookshop (r)

May – Stanfords (r)

June – Word on the Water, swapped for Watersone’s Greenwich (r)

July – Review

August – Judd Books

September – Lutyens & Rubinstein

October – Bookmarks

November – John Sandoe Books

December – Libreria