London Review Bookshop – 12 bookshops for 12 months – April

On the same day I visited Persephone Books I also went to London Review Bookshop, as they are not far from one another. The bookshop is right next to the British Museum and I passed by it a number of times, I’ll never know why did not enter before.

I’ll be very brief – I was not over the moon with this bookshop. It is bigger than Persephone but not as big as Daunt Books or Hatchards, and because of that the books in the shelves are squashed, all of them stored with their spines facing. I really don’t like this type of set up, because if makes me crane my neck at a weird angle to be able to read the titles. Also because of the limited space they only has four tables, which was where my attention focused. I bought two books, as you’ll see below, but both of them were from the tables. I was really surprised how annoyed I was by this bookshop, maybe it was because of the beautiful weather that was making me rush, or maybe because their website is a lot more friendly and compared to that the store was a bit disappointing.


Here are the books I bought:


Lovecraft Country – Matt Ruff (r) – I was so happy when I found this one, I’ve read the Fool on the Hill multiple times and always loved it, but somehow never came across Ruff’s other novels, when I saw this one it was a no-brainer.

This is Going to Hurt – Adam Kay (r) – this one I bought for many reasons: I like good non-fiction and this one had raving reviews; for some weird reason Polish healthcare system has been based on NHS and is failing in exactly the same ways, so maybe this will somehow help me understand what’s going on; I have huge respect for junior doctors, even though they sometimes run out of patience, again I hope this will help me understand why.

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