Waterstone’s Greenwich – 12 bookshops for 12 months – June

June is my cheat month, I was supposed to go to Word on the Water, but the limited space deterred me, so I decided to swap that for my local bookshop. It is a chain, I know, but I still like it. The last Saturday in June was an absolutely beautiful day and we walked around Blackheath and Greenwich Park and then my Bigger Half went to a record store and I happily popped into Waterstone’s.

I like this bookshop because they have a lot of space, but also it’s not too crowded, one can always find a quiet corner to take a closer look at the books. I also like their cafe, not too big, not pretentious, just simple things: coffee, a soup of the day, a few sandwiches and books all around. I also like the fact that their staff is really nice and chatty and does not seem to change often.

Here are my pictures and the books I bought.

WTF? – Robert Peston (r) – it’s been a while since I read anything related to economy and/or politics, being equally disappointed about both, but probably from time to time, it would be good to catch up, to be part of society.

Balancing Acts: Behind the Scenes at the National Theatre – Nicholas Hytner – I like NT, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad play there, and I’ve done their behind the scenes tour twice, so it was high time for a book.


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