20 Books of Summer 2019 – how did it go?

This year's challenge finished on the 3rd September, so typically I am a few days behind on the summary post. And more than a few days behind on the reviews. Cathy at 746 Books as always was a fantastic host, thank you!!!  You can find her opening and closing posts here and here. So how did it …

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De Bibliotheca/On Library – Umberto Eco

It is a lecture that Eco has given in Milan in 1981 and as can be reasonably expected it is about the libraries. Eco starts with a quote from Jorge Luis Borges The Library of Babel to set the tone. Reminding us of the concept of the library as a universe. The universe of all knowledge. …

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Numero Zero – Umberto Eco – Quotes

I’d lost all faith in everything, except for the certainty that there’s always someone behind our back wanting to deceive us. “The whole business of mobile phones can’t last,’ declared Simei. ‘First, they cost a fortune and only a few can afford them. Second, people will soon discover it isn’t so essential to telephone everyone …

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