Fighting for human rights – #AmnestyBookSale

This was probably the most pleasant way of supporting the human rights cause – Amnesty International organized a book sale close to where I live and I happily took part. But after going there I decided I haven’t spent my allowance, so I also went to Oxfam and to my local used books store, that had a sale because they’re relocating, so I ended up supporting few different causes an also filling in another shelf in my bookshelf. Here’s what I got:

This is Amnesty International book sale haul. I was very happy I took my backpack with me. I’m very happy about Elizabeth von Arnim, I’ve read a lot of good reviews of her work, but never had the chance to read her books, the time has finally come. Diana Athill, another new name for me, again based on reviews. Kristina Ohlsson I read one of her books during 20 books of summer and happily bought another one. Ryan Gattis, I considered buying this book while at the airport once, but another title won back then, now he’ll get his chance. Karel Capek, because I don’t read enough of non-English books, time to expand my horizons. Edna O’Brien, I’ve read two o her books during last month for my Reading Ireland Month and I liked them. Alice Munro, because I’ve read and loved her stories, so some more can’t hurt. Kate Atkinson, both because it is Kate Atkinson and I enjoyed her books so far and because of the title, which is a question I ask myself daily.


This is Oxfam, smaller haul, I couldn’t find much more and they keep their prices quite high. A. M. Homes, I read May We Be Forgiven last year and then my mum recommended me This Book Will Save Your Life, loved both of them, and then I tried The End of Alice, but it was just to awful subject too well written and I never finished, let’s see how this one goes. Robertson Davies, one of those strange reasons I live between Deptford and Greenwich in London, so the title got me interested, of course it is about a completely different Deptford…


And here’s the hauls from second hand book store nearby, that is sadly relocating a bit further, because of this they had a sale to get their stock down before moving. Noel Coward, Hay Fever was the first play I saw in London and I obviously loved it, I hope this book is equally sharp and entertaining. Barbara Kingsolver, last year I bought Flight Behaviour and it was fantastic, I still have The Poisonwood Bible on my TBR, and now The Lacuna will join it. Ayisha Malik, everyone raved about this book, I think it’ll be a good choice when I’m in need of something lighter. Henry Hitchings, purely because my grandfather was always a master of talking at length about books he hasn’t read, I need to find out how he did it! Joan Didion, I saw many great reviews of this book and I’ve been curious about it for a while now, so it was a lucky find.


I guess my next bookshopping spree will not happen until the end of the year, purely because I won’t have time with changing job and Christmas getting closer, so I guess as a book haul for two months 15 books is not so much, I pretty much read this much in two months. Excuses, excuses… I just love books!

Have you read any of these? What did you think?

6 thoughts on “Fighting for human rights – #AmnestyBookSale

    1. Charity and library book sales are definitely my two favorite events 🙂 For once I don’t have to feel guilty for dragging home two bags of books, it’s all for a good cause. And improves my well-being so actually two good causes!

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