The Disappeared – Kristina Ohlsson

A young woman is found carved up and buried in a forest glade in a Stockholm suburb. She is identified as Rebecca Trolle, a student who went missing two years earlier. While Fredrika Bergman and her team try to find out why Rebecca met such a violent demise, more bodies are found in the same area. Fredrika Bergman is inevitably drawn into the case, but it becomes much more complicated when her lover’s name is mentioned in the investigation. The investigative unit are nearing a resolution, but the killer is still at large. One question remains: whose body will turn up next when the killer returns to the grave in the forest? – Goodreads

It’s a third installment of a series and typically for me this is where I started, luckily this is an independent story and there are not many references to the previous books.

What can I say? I liked the book a lot, all detectives involved were fully developed characters, with personal life, opinions and quirks. The story was very interesting and kept me guessing, most of the time wrong. The most boring character was probably the victim herself, almost as if she was just an excuse for us to meet all the other cast of suspects and investigators. All of them so well developed that sometimes it was a pity when some of their stories were cut short or left unfinished. Ohlsson, through her characters, gives us an interesting picture of the society, with all it’s prejudice and rules to be followed.

I will definitely be buying books one and two, as well as anything else by Kristina Ohlsson, it is this type of socially involved crime writing that I just love.



This is book #14 of my 20 Books of Summer hosted by Cathy at 746books.

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska

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