#20booksofsummer summary

The 20 Books of Summer challenge was hosted by Cathy at 746books. I’m probably the last person to still linger on it, but since it is the first challenge I actually completed I cannot let this opportunity slip, no matter the delay!

I finished my 20 books on 9th September, so 5 days later, but I give myself right to an extension due to being sick. Here is what I read, as I publish reviews they will be linked on the page. I am a bit behind on blogging, because of travelling and teeth problems, but I really hope to catch up by the end of the year.

I decided not to commit to a list upfront, so it was growing as I went along, but now that I look at it I am happy with my choices. There is a little bit of everything and I really enjoyed majority of the books I picked. Initially I thought the challenge won’t be a challenge at all, because I do read around 7 books a month, what I didn’t expect was the whole Brexit mess and how much it would affect my ability to focus on a book. July and August were quite difficult reading-wise, because of the lack of focus and also because of travels. I actually made me realize how my reading patterns change depending on the length of day, in the summer I tried to spend as much time as possible out, to use the sun and charge my batteries (I firmly believe my brain operates on solar power), which left a bit less time for reading. Now that it’s autumn my couch and blanket look a lot more tempting.

If the challenge is on next year I will definitely participate, it was a lot of fun.

Does the weather/time of the year affect your reading habits? Do you read in different places or at different times?

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska

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