Where do you read?

Where writers write is an often discussed subject, is it an isolated place or is Starbucks the best. Is writing tower one of writer’s basic rights? Or a writing shed at the very least?

Because we’re all readers I wanted to ask you where do you read?

When I was younger I always read in my bed, but now I tend to fall asleep within seconds (maybe I need a new pillow, or a stone). I still spend most of my reading time at home, either on the couch or at the dining table, but is it my favorite place to read?

I started thinking and the answer surprised me a bit, but before I get there allow me to go through the other options. When I’m at home I get easily distracted, there’s always something to do and if there isn’t there’s my Bigger Half demanding that we finally should spend some quality time together and ‘will you ever put this book down’ (the answer is ‘yes, when I finish’). Then I thought of a plane, but I have a weird kind of motion sickness that makes me fall asleep within second of boarding the plane, I start yawning as soon as I enter the airport, so this was a no go. I do enjoy reading on the train when I go to the airport, but sometimes I get distracted by everything I see outside the window. And this is how I got my winner:

Officially, my favorite place to read is the Tube (if I manage to get a seat, of course, there’s no fun in hanging of a pole and trying to turn a page in The Luminaries for example). In the Tube I can focus, no one talks to me, because they’re so busy pretending they cannot see any other people, there’s nothing to see out the window, so no distraction, lovely. It happened to me to miss my stop because of a book, I did wish a signal failure would happen so I can finish the chapter. Let me just mention I do not commute on the Tube to work I usually use it in the evening or weekends, so my levels of Tube-hate are probably lower than your average Londoner’s.

Where do you read?

 Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska

10 thoughts on “Where do you read?

  1. Kasia

    I usually read in my bed or in the means of transport as I am rather never able to sleep in them. Most of all however during holidays and then I’m trying to choose literature matching the places I travel to. To a mountain resort I’d take for example The Magic Mountain, at Crete I read Zorba the Greek, on Cyprus Bitter Lemons of Cyprus and so on.

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    1. I think I have to follow your lead and take more ambitious read for my holiday, I once tried Dan Brown’s Inferno in Florence and it was a total disaster (the book of course, Florence will always be my favorite Italian city). What would you take to Ireland? Excluding Dublin, so let’s leave Joyce in peace.


  2. It has to be quiet for me to read, so most of my reading is done at home where it’s quiet, or more to the point, when it’s quiet. So, after the kids have gone to bed. Sometimes in the middle of the day for a few minutes if I’m lucky. In this case, my favourite places to read are by the fire, or on the couch when the fire is not needed. But, outside of my house, I really love reading in the van while waiting for my kids at a piano lesson, or volleyball practice. Quiet, peaceful, and it feels like bonus reading!

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  3. Sarah

    I can filter out background noise pretty well so, as long as I’m not reading something too challenging I can read pretty much anywhere. I get most of my reading done while waiting around while my daughter is in gymnastics, football or piano lessons, or I might retreat to my cabin for an hour’s peace, but my favourite place to read is definitely in the bath.

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  4. My blog is called Reading in Ben even though I barely read in bed. My four year old has co-slept with me since birth (not really by *my* choice…) so I don’t want to have a light on. I e-read in bed occasionally. These days, the best place to read is in an armchair in the living room, after the kids have gone to bed. Realistically, I do a lot of reading while eating and agree with Naomi, waiting in the car reading is best, though rare till my kids are a little older!

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