How to Be a Dictator: An Irreverent Guide -Mikal Hem

This book does what it says on the cover. I is a self help book for people who really badly want to become a dictator. Presenting and analysing all aspects of becoming a successful dictator using real life examples. Hem even advises what to do when things do’t go exactly to plan and a dictatorly escape is needed. The real life examples include Kim Jong Il, Robert Mugabe, Muammar Gaddafi, Nicolae Ceausescu and few other memorable figures. Hem tries to turn the serious subject funny and at times he succeeds but often there’s underlying sense of dread that we’re still allowing such things to happen in the world. Most reviews focus on the funny aspect, but for me the laugh was always mixed with guilt, because it’s really not funny at all. Also the book is entertaining only through the first third, then it becomes a bit repetitive. So no need to run to the bookstore to get it, unless you really plan on becoming a dictator.

The only thing I wonder about is how this book would look like had it been written post US election…

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska @ vkphotospace

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