The weirdest thing has happened

I caught up with all my reviews! This has never happened before. I’m reading now White Teeth by Zadie Smith, so it will probably take a while and all of the past reviews have been written and scheduled to be published over the coming week, so unless suddenly I somehow make more time for reading there may be a small pause in my blogging, as other than this post I don’t want to bore you with my non-bookish life.

However if I already started making excuses let me just quickly explain what’s eating into my reading time. The first culprit is of course the usual suspect – work and unless I win the lottery that’s not likely to change anytime soon. But what happen recently is that works comes home with me, the days in the office are so packed that I come home and my brain is still buzzing trying to process everything, it takes me over an hour to calm down, to be able to think about anything else.

Another thing stealing some of my reading time is exercising, during spring and summer I was able to wake up earlier before work and have it done in the morning (I’m sure you can guess that I am not a fan of exercising, I just do what’s good for me), but since the days are shorter now and sun rises later I am physically not capable of dragging myself out of bed, so I had to move my pathetic sport efforts to the evening. The good thing is it helps with he ‘post-work-brain-buzzing’ thing. The bad thing is that’s 3-5 hours gone a week, down the drain in my opinion, no one will convince me exercising is time well spent, it’s just pathetic attempt to make up for all the hours I spend sitting in the office 😉

But then when you exercise the body without exercising the mind you’re losing balance, so I also exercise my brain by writing this blog, studying German (one hour a week + homework), linear algebra (5-6 hours a week) and learning to analyse data in R (yes, this is a very imaginative name for a programming language, which is an implementation of S programming language – now, tell me IT people haven no imagination ;)), so I am able to change my job at some point and address the issue mentioned above.

When I add all this time together it is all the time I’m not reading. I love reading, if I could I would do it all the time, but I feel I have to do all those various things for a variety of reasons, so my reading will probably be a bit slower in the coming months. Oh, I just remembered I also have to sleep and I’m doing my best to sleep seven hours a day, so there you go, even less reading time.

What’s eating into your reading time?

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8 thoughts on “The weirdest thing has happened

  1. Deepika Ramesh

    That is a LOT of work, Jo. You are doing an amazing amount of work. Social media eats my reading time. I am abysmally distracted, and keep going back to my phone since I am unemployed now. I am working on some simple methods to cut down distractions. I hope I would progress.

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  2. Wow! All caught up – amazing and well done!! Can you do exercise bike with a book? I do that when I go to the gym quite often … Not with a lovely copy as you do tend to get it a little damp round the edges, however careful you are!

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    1. Hahaha, I tried, but then there is this funny correlation, the more interesting the book the slower I move 😉 on the other hand I tried at some point listening to War and Peace while exercising, this put me off gym for a month. Probably bad choice of book. Is there any genre that you find works better with exercising?

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