Pre-Christmas gifts

I happen to have birthday ten days before Christmas Eve, which as it appears is perfect, as I get to get presents twice in December. My dear friends and family recognising that ten days difference is too much to allow for bundling the birthday presents and Christmas presents into one. I have been shamelessly exploiting and enjoying this. It really is fantastic to get gifts twice in December (three times if you also count the gifts I get on St Nicholas day from my mum).

I already wrote about the wonderful non-fiction gifts from my mum, now it’s time to share the beautiful fiction gift I got from my friend. She finally succumbed to my not so gentle suggestions to take the easy option and buy me books, she also took it to completely new level buying me the whole 2017 Man Booker Shortlist plus one.

I’m still working my way through my Cambridge book haul, reading Rebecca now, which when I finish will leave me with just All That Man Is to read from that bunch. Then I’ll be moving on to my December gifts of fiction and non-fiction, I cannot wait!

Have you read any of the below? What did you think?

20171216_135503 new




Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska

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