Books I acquired over Christmas

I already shared all the books I received and bought in 2017, apart from the Christmas ones, so here we are. I had to resort to a very ‘corporate’ verb acquired, as I failed yet again and bought three books in December. I do not regret this, I’m sure those will be amazing reads.

What I got from my mum:


Men Explain Things to Me: And Other Essays – Rebecca Solnit (r)- I’m looking forward to this read, even though I’m sure it won’t be pleasant or easy.

Purezento – Joanna Bator (r)- new novel by Joanna Bator, she amazed me once, made me happy few times and slightly disappointed once, keeps me on my toes.

Patriota Wszechswiata O Pawle Althamerze – Karol Sienkiewicz – something to get me in touch with modern Polish art (I am not a fan), as my mum said: ‘You’ll read it and then explain to me, what he means’

From my in-laws:


A Perfect Vacuum and Filozofia Przypadku – Stanisław Lem – I’m very happy because I am embarrassingly behind on reading Lem, and yet I loved every book I read so far.

From my friend:


Der nasse Fisch – Volker Kutscher (r)- a challenge to get me to read more in German, it seems to be working as I spent my Christmas reading it and after the initial struggle, the story got me so hooked in that language stopped being a problem (I still may have missed some nuances ;).

What I got myself:


This is a Robbery, a Piece of Unknown American History – Marek Wałkuski (r)- in the radio station I listen to Wałkuski is an US correspondent, every time he is on air he tells a story of one or more ill-fated (or simply ridiculously stupid) bank robberies that happened in the US recently. I love it, people are so imaginative! This book is an anthology of the bank robberies he ‘collected’. I’m sure it’ll be a pick me up.

Radio Free Vermont – Bill McKibben (r)- as it was so beautifully recommended by Liz at Adventures in reading, writing and working from home, also it looks like I managed to get the last copy on UK Amazon, not sorry! 😉 I’m sure more will be coming

The third book I bought is still on its way, again a recommendation from What’s Non-Fiction: The Solace of Open Spaces by Gretel Ehrlich (r).

Happy 2018 reading! What lovely books did you get?

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska

2 thoughts on “Books I acquired over Christmas

  1. Ooh, Radio Free Vermont! Can’t wait to hear what you think about it. My husband’s just downloaded it on audiobook so I’m doing well spreading the word there. And what an attractive set of covers you have!


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