Where I was when I wasn’t here

It’s been a while since I published my last post, and an even longer while since I wrote one. Somehow April just wasn’t good for writing so far, I don’t know if it’s the fact that spring is so late in coming and I was constantly feeling cold until this week, or if it’s related to work stress, or the fact that all my weeks this month felt a bit disjointed because I traveled and I don’t think I had a single full working week with regular routine. Reasons aside, clearly I am alive and kicking again, after my first long blogger block.

Surprisingly the experience of the first blogger’s block was not as bad as I thought it would be, I imagined I’d be sitting in front of my laptop frustrated, not capable of putting together a word, feeling guilty and all sorts of other bad things. What happened was a lot less dramatic, I just didn’t feel the interest, I didn’t even try to write, I didn’t come near WordPress (well few times, but only to read your posts). I was stuck in reading Shogun by James Clavell, the book is 1100 pages long, so no wonder it took me a month. Now the book finished and another short read behind me as well I felt ready to come back. I do think it may have been the beautiful onset of spring that came to UK this week. I managed to recharge my batteries, spend some time in the park, did some cooking (for some reason I find this very relaxing and therapeutic, not good for my weight though). We’ll see how long I’ll last before the next block, but until then I plan to enjoy it, I need to rethink a bit my plan for this blog, it is mostly reviews and I generally enjoy writing them, but sometimes they feel like a chore, so I may introduce some more general posts. If you have any suggestions they are more than welcome!

Despite not writing too much it’s been a lovely month, I spent Easter in a beautiful seaside hotel with my mum and our two dogs, the picture on top is the view from our room, it was delightful. Two weeks later with my Bigger Half we went to Leipzig to meet with some friends and we spent there five great days, I missed the space that German cities often have, wide sidewalks, high rooms, fewer people, just more space to breathe. Leipzig is probably not the most fascinating city in the world, but I can completely understand why it’s a good city to live, lots of parks, plenty of restaurants and bars, bicycle friendly, relaxed atmosphere and only 1 hour from Berlin if someone feels the need for a bigger city.

That’s where I was when I wasn’t here. How have you been? What do you do when blogger’s block comes? Do you fight it or do you just go along with it?

3 thoughts on “Where I was when I wasn’t here

  1. Just take the breaks when you’re not feeling it. It should be a fun hobby and if you’re not in the mood or occupied with other things, totally ok.

    Leipzig is a great city – I’ve only spent the day there but really liked it!

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