Vacant Possession – Hilary Mantel – Quotes

I didn’t select many quotes from this book, but I think these ones are really worth sharing. Something to make you smile this Wednesday. Enjoy!

The children no longer needed her, and the marriage was not worthy of sustained attention. It just ran on, taking care of itself. After twenty years you can’t expect passion. It’s enough if you’re barely civil.

The kids passed through his office every day, en route from brief rebellion to a lifetime’s acceptance of their lot. They had silly hairstyles; beneath them, dull conformist little brains.

This was a humble little woman, with a worn bony face, and eyes and nose and mouth so insignificant that to call them features was an inflation of the truth.

He was never happy with his own brand of insanity.

Austin had turned down a place at the Youth Training Scheme, saying that he was self-employed as a satanist, and had failed that week to keep an appointment with his probation officer.

My review of Vacant Possession

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska 

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