Jigs & Reels – Joanne Harris – Quotes

Short and sweet like a short story, here are a few quotes from Jigs&Reels by Joanne Harris

A change of costume here, of location there: stories do not die, but are simply reincarnated every generation or so into a different time and idiom – from Fule’s Gold

I cried at the unfairness of it all: for the Immortals; for my sister; for my parents; for myself. Because in the end it’s always for yourself, isn’t it? That’s the truth of it, we cry because we know that we won’t live for ever. We rage against the defective gene that makes us mortal, and we hate the ones we love for passing it on. – from Hello, Goodbye

A dead man, you see, has nothing to lose; and a man with nothing to lose has passed beyond despair into a state almost approaching bliss. – from Come in Mr Lowry, your number is up!

But love cannot be bought with sacrifices – from The Little Mermaid

Here you can find my review of this short story collection.

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska

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