This is such a weird year! I’m so out of kilter with where we are in terms of time that I completely missed the beginning of the 20 Books of Summer! That’s a first.

So here I am jumping on the bandwagon mid-course. Cathy at 746Books is our wonderful host and she is doing an amazing job as always!

Joining late has some advantages, I unwittingly already read 7 books, which for a half-time may not be great if I’m targeting 20. But on the other hand that was all without the challenge, now with the added motivation, it may pick up. 

You can find my list as it grows here.

I love this challenge because it is so open. You may commit to a list upfront, but you don’t have to. You may go for 10, 15, or 20 books so that it motivates you but doesn’t stress you out. No limits in terms of genre.  A true free for all, because the goal here is to bring all book lovers together, not to judge.

With that, I’ll joyfully skip away to continue reading!

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