Wooly adventures continue

Back in February I posted about rediscovering an old hobby: knitting and crocheting. The madness continues, so in the past few months I managed to finish quite a few pieces. I ventures into more shawls and discovered the world of pillows, but then it came time for really challenging projcest: the blankets! While the patterns usually are easy to remember, the challenge here is the patience. You cannot finish a blanket in a day or even a week. It is a project oyu have to slowly work on throughout weeks.

On some days it is frustrating how slow the progress is on others I appreciate being able to come back ot somehitng familiar. It is soothing to see it grow and also to have the sense of safety cming form the fact we know what will happen.

I also started compulsively buying wool, so seeing my Bigger Half’s worried looks I imposed a ban untill I work through the stash I have, which probably means another three blankets. Last Friday I also decided I’ll need a black summer shawl, but for that I’d have to buy yarn, so it’ll have to wait. But there is a lot of satisfaction in slowly but surely making ones way through the pile of yarn. Almost like in making progress on ones TBR pile.

What new hobbies did oyu take up in the pandemic? Did they stick?

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