Rivers of London series

I’m still soldiering through Foxglove Summer. As I wrote before I loved Rivers of London, then the charm started wearing off at Moon Over Soho, but the ending had me reaching right away for Whispers Underground. Then force of habit (I really got used to PC Grant) made me start Broken Homes, which I enjoyed because it made me read more about Heygate Estate (at some point of my studies I did research on ‘ideal city’ concept and it’s failed realizations). After that I was decided to take a break… and again ending convinced me to start on Foxglove Summer.
I know, I fall for the things every decent TV series does.
I still think Rivers of London was the best in the series.
I noted down some quotes and decided to group them by subject. Some of them made me laugh some of them I totally agree with and some of them for their irony.
One thing is obvious architecture and police are quite important 😉

Which one got you laughing? Let me know in comments.

About London

Like a lot of London, Richmond town centre had been laid out back when town planning was something that happened to other people. – Rivers of London

All the time most of us were devising friction-free strategies to promote peace in our time, our carriage and please God at least until I get home. It’s called, by people over sixty, common courtesy, and its purpose is to stop us from killing each other. – Rivers of London

It was busy with students and tourists, each doing their best to ignore the cyclists who tried to mow down both with gay abandon. – Moon Over Soho

The bungalow was a hideous red-brick structure built, if I had to guess, in the early 1980s by some hack architect who’d been aiming at art deco and hit Tracy Emin instead. – Moon Over Soho

I suspected the stacked-Tupperware school of architecture, whose work already lined much of the Thames, would predominate. – Whispers Underground

When you walk around London it is important to remember that Big Brother may be watching you, or he could be having a piss, or reading the paper or helping redirect traffic around a car accident or maybe he’s just forgotten to turn the bloody thing on. – Broken Homes

In 1666, following an unfortunate workplace accident, the city of London burnt down. – Broken Homes

About Police

A London copper doesn’t like to intrude upon a traveller camp with anything less than a van full of bodies in riot gear – it’s considered disrespectful otherwise. – Rivers of London

A sudden attack of culture snobbery is a common affliction among policemen of a certain rank and age; it’s like a normal midlife crisis only with more chandeliers and foreign languages. – Rivers of London

he’s adopted a loose collaborative management approach in which experienced officers undertake a lead role in areas where they have the greatest expertise.’ In other words, he’d locked himself in his office and let Stephanopoulos get on with it. – Moon Over Soho

Before doing something really stupid, such as walking out onto a railway track, your well trained police officer is required to make a risk assessment. – Whispers Underground

He was right, I didn’t know what I was going to do, but then that’s what god created senior officers for. – Whispers Underground

We’re police – situational paranoia is a professional requirement. They make you sit an exam and everything. – Whispers Underground

So I told them that there had been suspicious activity around the tower recently and that we were just checking it. Lesley would have been pissed off, had she found out. She thinks that however polite we’re being, the police should never concede anything to anyone short of a full public inquiry. And even then we should lie like fuck on general principles, Lesley being part of the ‘you can’t handle the truth’ school of policing. – Broken Homes

About People and General Observations

He was from Yorkshire, or somewhere like that, and like many Northerners with issues, he’d moved to London as a cheap alternative to psychotherapy. – Rivers of London

She had the startled-rabbit look that civilians get after five minutes of helping the police with their inquiries. If they stay calm for too long it’s a sign that they’re professional villains or foreign or just plain stupid. – Rivers of London

Two weeks of similarly impenetrable remarks from Nightingale meant that I had developed a sophisticated counter-measure to gnomic utterances – I changed the subject. – Rivers of London

The voice belonged to a plump, round-faced woman of the sort that develops a good personality because the alternative is suicide. – Rivers of London

Despite what you think you know, most people don’t want to fight, especially when evenly matched. A mob will tear an individual to pieces, and a man with a gun and a noble cause is happy to kill ever so many women and children. But risking a fair fight – not so easy. – Rivers of London

‘If they were ugly, Peter, would you care half so much?’ asked Nightingale. ‘There are some hideous things out there that can talk and reason, and I wonder if you would be quite so quick to rush to their defence.’ ‘Maybe not,’ I said. ‘But that just makes me shallow, it doesn’t make me wrong.’ – Moon Over Soho

Like young men from the dawn of time I decided to choose the risk of death over certain humiliation. – Whispers Underground

there is no known lower limit to human stupidity. – Broken Homes

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska

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