Post #100 – let’s take a look back

I cannot belive  we all got this far together! I usually am the type of person to get excited about a project and once it’s under way to gradually become bored and abandon it, and yet here I am!

This would have never happened without you my dear readers and bloggers! You keep me going and make it such a joy! I love when you read my posts (of course!), and I love reading your blogs, thanks to you I discovered so many new books that now I have a viable excuse to live forever – sorry Death, I’m not done with my TBR yet! I’m sure it will be accepted 😀

Since I’m making this post all about me, me, me and you, you, you not about books let’s take a look back:

My first post: Into the Wild – John Krakauer

My first like from lovely Tim and Joanne at A Note From Abroad, I still love to read about their travels!

My 10th post: Rivers of London series – just a week ago a new book in the series has been published, I’ll have to get it, as I quite liked the series.

My 50th post: The Year of Living Danishly – Helen Russell – I think I stopped considering moving ot Denmark immediately I’m cold in London and Denmark is definitely colder and darker), but since it’s almost winter there’s no better time to rediscover hygge.

Since I started this blog I read 86 books and reviewed most of them. Thanks to you I have been a lot more cautious in selecting my next book and results are great, I rarely come across a book I really dislike and my reading is more ambitious. I discovered many writers I haven’t even considered before, so thank you!

The most popular post on this blog is not about books, which probably is no surprise, because it is about  lights festival in London and consist mainly of pretty pictures. If you like pretty pictures there’s also one about Copenhagen Christmas market and about Naples (for those of you who miss sun, like me). Enjoy!

My first 10 followers, who are still active bloggers:

  1. photospace violetta kaszubowska
  2. Kurt Brindley
  3. BaileyBee
  4. Laura Broadberry
  5. Ana Spoke
  6. Franklenstein
  7. Hard Book Habit
  8. Simoneteffect
  9. seagirll
  10. bookssavetheworld

You gave me the boost I needed at the beginning!

My lovely commenters:

  1. Deepika at WornCorners
  2. Naomi at ConsumedByInk
  3. Sarah at Hard Book Habit
  4. Resh Susan at The Book Satchel
  5. Kate at booksaremyfavouriteandbest
  6. Laila at Big Reading Life

Thank you all my readers and bloggers once again! I hope we can all keep going for at least another few hundred posts!

Last and least (for now) apologies for all the exclamation marks, I promise I used my allowance all the way into mid 2017!

Does anyone wants to guess what city is in the picture?

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska

14 thoughts on “Post #100 – let’s take a look back

  1. Well done!

    On a somewhat serious note, have you found that blogging has changed your reading? Apart from book choices, I did find that once I started blogging, I read a little more critically and paid far more attention to what I was reading, how a book made me feel and what I liked/didn’t like.

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    1. Thanks! Yes, definitely I pay a lot more attention when I’m reading now. I even take notes, I got into the habit of putting some post-its on the last page of the book, so I can take notes without destroying the book, but also without carrying a notepad around with me. On one hand it’s a good thing, I definitely remember more of the books I read (and this was one of the points of this blog, to actually retain in my brain what I read), but on the other hand I sometimes feel that I lose a bit of spontaneity, I’m too focused to get carried away. When I feel like this I usually decide not to review the book I’m reading and just read it for my pleasure, this usually restores the balance. 🙂

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