Napoli weekend

Wow! I wish I had more than just three days! And I’m definitely going back.

2 weeks ago I spent an extended weekend in Naples, but there is so many interesting things around that in the city itself I only spent the last day. Before I went to Napoli I managed to read the first book in Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Series – My Brilliant Friend, it helped to bring me in the mood.

The first day we spent in Pompeii, second in Capri and Sorrento (ferries and boats are my favorite means of transport), unfortunately due to high tide Grotta Azzurra was closed.

Last day in Napoli was awesome, I didn’t realize it was such big city, I’m horrible at geography and for some reason I thought it’ll be the size of Florence or Palermo, but it is bigger. Also it was a wealthy city in its time, the buildings are massive, main streets are wide, but only when you turn on a side street the fun begins. There is everything in here: blue sea, giant lemons, massive squares and tiny streets, kids playhouse with a view, Bible in a nutshell (literally), newest fashion trends on display, angels in a pilates class, one of my favorite sculptures – the Farnese Bull, a necklace for a saint (Gennaro), the newest trends in the souvenir business (Balotelli was irresitible) and even poor old Eeyore. All of that in one day, I can only imagine what I missed.




5 thoughts on “Napoli weekend

  1. I love your pictures of Naples, too. It’s a wonderful place, so full of life and adventure. I’ve only spent the occasional day in the city (en route to Ischia and other destinations in Campania) but I’d really like to spend some more time there.

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