Wreckage – Emily Bleeker

hmmm, was it average or bad… I still haven’t made up my mind. It was not painful to read that’s for sure, I actually read it in a day and a half, my problem is that it was soooooo emotionally not realistic that it hardly made any sense. Well written but lacking on content. Structure interchanging between past and present and perspective of two main characters was helping to keep the reader interested, and made it easy read, maybe not a page turner per se but close enough, but content-wise there are so many missed opportunities it is unbelievable. General idea seems to be inspired by Lost (does anyone still remember this one), but here we know our main characters are saved, they survived the plane crash to lie. This in itself carried such a potential to build tension the constant struggle to lie, the guilt, the pressure, how it spirals out of control. In this book lying about 2 years of your life seems a relatively easy task, even though the characters actually have to lie in synch so their stories match.

I think for me the most satisfying moment is when Lilian lies to the journalist on something very important to her and when she succeeds she’s actually proud of herself, of how easy it is to lie and how good she became at this. I think the lying theme could have been played out more it is an interesting aspect, why in the first place they decided to lie, why no one called them on it, why they continued, how it affected everyone, as it was done it was all a bit whiny and self-pitying.

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska

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