Easter guilt-free bookhaul

Temptation to buy books is becoming greater every day, but thanks to lovely bookish gifts I got for Easter I think I may just be able to persist till the end of the month. Right now I am at the final stages of withdrawal, I think, I go into a bookstore, pick one or two books walk around with them and then finally my supposedly-strong-will prevails and I put them back, it starts getting me weird looks from people…

Here is the delightful gift I got, I think it should help me last, maybe even till end of May, who knows:

20170418_223113 (1292x2000).jpg

  1. Pięć razy o przekładzie – Małgorzata Łukasiewicz – unfortunately only available in Polish, thoughts on the art of literary translation
  2. Migrants, migrations : 50 questions pour vous faire votre opinion – Hélène Thiollet – available in French and Polish, essays on migration
  3. The Book: A Cover-to-Cover Exploration of the Most Powerful Object of Our Time – Keith Houston – my favorite topic 😀 and Polish edition is delightful, beautiful paper, wise use of color and amazing illustrations
  4. Letters to a Young Contrarian – Christopher Hitchens – it’s never to late to question and rebel a bit, I hope.

I hope you all had lovely time this Easter. Did you get any bookish gifts?

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