Sofia Khan is not Obliged – Ayisha Malik

I think this book proved one thing to me – my phase of reading chick lit is officially over. I read it in the end of my teens and I think there is no way back now, I’m way too cynical and my little heart is too black not to get constantly annoyed by chick lit.

Sofia Khan is a Muslim, lives with her parents, has just broke her engagement because she refused to live with her in-laws and a hole-in-the-wall, and she works as a publicist. Sofia also writes a book about Muslim dating, she has a group of faithful friends and a crazy family. I guess by now you get the picture.

Some things touched on in the book were interesting, for example how religion (not only Islam) affects the way people look for a partner. This was something I never considered, both because I’m in a relationship for the last 17 years and because I’m an agnostic, so for me religion is a non-issue, so this was definitely interesting for me. Other than that the book fell flat, it’s very predictable, to a point of being annoying, lightly written and probably, for me at least, quickly forgotten. Other than the lesson learned about chick lit – stay away Jo, you heartless person!

What are your thoughts on chick lit?

2 thoughts on “Sofia Khan is not Obliged – Ayisha Malik

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  2. This is so disappointing! I have this on my TBR and was looking forward to reading it. I love a good rom com and don’t mind predictability, but I draw the line at patronizing. Too bad. 😦


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