A Family Affair – Mary Campisi

I mentioned in my May round-up I have no idea how I bought this book. It was in my Kindle forever, always in the ‘fiction crime’ folder, so after finishing the Big Brother by Lionel Shriver and in need of something lighter I decided to read this, mainly because it’s been there forever.

A note of explanation here, I hate romance novels with passion, I’ve read my bit as a teenager and have been done with them since then, so if this review seems mean and spiteful it is because it is mean and spiteful. If you like romance novels feel free to stop reading now or recommend a really good one that may convert me in the comments 🙂

I really don’t want to call it a book or a novel, because it does not deserve the name, so I’ll stick to ‘it’. It is a story of a rich, young woman whose father dies and after his death she discovers he had a second family away from the big city bustle in the country side. The clichés in the book are countless: clinging evil mother, lovely but immoral uncle haunted by guilt, quiet and almost sacred country life as opposed to evil city, simplicity vs being rich, hate turning to (insta)love…I could go on. You’ll ask my why I continued reading if it was so bad, well I rarely do not finish a book, I know it is a waste of precious time I could spend reading another, better book, but I’m pretty stubborn. Also at some point I turned it into a hunt for the worst sentence I read this year and I got a winner, you’ll find it at the end of the post (it’ll be soon, my stock of venom is not very big).

In a nutshell characters were flat, all emotions were instaemotions, everything was SPELLED OUT for you as if you’re to thick to understand anything is it’s not, full of clichés, predictable plot, and awful writing, maybe not the worst I read in my life, but definitely the worst this year. To top that off the series (yes, it turned into a series) spans 13 books!

I really am not a book snob, I read light books, I have no problem with them, as you can see from my review of Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death (this one is a strong contender for the worst title I read so far this year), but this was too much for me.

Here’s the worst sentence I read this year (so far):

Heat pooled low in her belly as she watched him move with the graceful fluidity of a jaguar coupled with the overpowering strength of a mountain lion.

Seriously?! Jaguar coupled with a mountain lion?!

Oh and I just found something that makes me feel a bit less like a horrible human being for writing this review – here’s the Guardian review and they also noticed the jaguar/lion coupling 😉

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