The Way Back Home – Freya North

This is what happens when you share a Kindle library with someone, in this case my mum. To relax and unwind she reads romance, while I prefer crime. I don’t know how I did it, but I downloaded this book from her library. Then while on vacation in Portugal, tired from more serious reads I opened this… and I rarely do not finish a book, maybe too rarely.

Of course it’s no crime, it is a romance. I’m no expert on romances, but in my opinion it was a bad one, I’ve read worse, for sure, but still this is bad. Let’s start with the main characters names: Oriana, Malachy and Jed. I can believe in one unusual name in a book, but this is an overkill. If we move on to the story it gets more and more cliché (or romantic, if you prefer, but my black heart does not prefer): the three of them were raised together, something happened when she was fifteen, they are brothers, now she’s back after eighteen years…drumroll…can you come up with the rest? I think so. I’ll stop here.

I definitely should avoid romance, I really do not think there exists such thing as a romance that I could enjoy without sarcastic smirk (and I do not look good with one). Well, maybe there is one, one book that could at a stretch be called a romance I do adore: Wuthering Heights. I just love this one, maybe because everyone ends up miserable and my heart rejoices 😉

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