#20booksofsummer completed

This was unexpected, but the unexpected sometimes happens and it’s not always a bad thing. I officially completed my #20booksofsummer reading on Saturday, more than a month early. Last year I struggled a lot more to finish on time, so what was different this year? No teeth problems to start with, not that those months were not stressful, but at least they were injury and pain free, so that probably facilitated my destressing by reading. The second very important factor was my vacation planning, this year I had additional five days of vacation, so I could afford two two-week-long breaks, one of them happened in the last week of June and the first week of July and that’s when the bulk of my reading took place. The last thing that may have helped me was the fact that this year I read four books in Polish, while last year it was only two, I read mostly in English, but I guess I will always read faster in Polish.

How was this year compared to last? Worse unfortunately, last year I read more books that left a lasting impression, whereas this year I was getting impatient with some, not amazed by others and there was definitely less treasures found. But not to worry not all was doom and gloom overall the reading was good, just not exceptional, also maybe my reception was partially affected by my stress, making me less understanding and forgiving. The book I enjoyed most from 2017 selection was Elizabeth and Her German Garden. I am also very happy to discover the Jackson Brody series, which became a lovely, if a bit obsessive ending of my #20booksofsummer. I won’t mention the worst one, as it’s better if it falls into oblivion.

Now of course, having spent most of my time reading and not so much reviewing I will have to catch up on that, so please rest assured, the remaining reviews are coming up. You can check out what I read this year here and what I read in 2016 here, links to reviews are marked with (r), and below a visual.

I wanted to thank Cathy at 746books for hosting the challenge, it was great fun, yet again.

How is you reading going? What’s your favorite so far?

6 thoughts on “#20booksofsummer completed

  1. Wow – great work! I’m reviewing Book 11 today and am currently reading Books 12 and 13 so I’m still on track just about (esp as I do have some more free time for reading this week than I normally do). Favourite so far have been Nick Baker’s “ReWild” and Miriam Toews’ “A Boy of Good Breeding” and all have been good reads thus far.


  2. That’s great that you’re already finished! Wow! I don’t think I have a hope of finishing on time, but that’s okay, I’m still enjoying my reading!

    I adore the Jackson Brody books. I need to reread the others after Case Histories (I reread that for my book group not too long ago.)


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