Dead Souls – Ian Rankin

My chaotic adventure with Inspector Rebus continues, I seem to be reading Rankin’s book in more and more random order, but that does not take away the fun. This time I hit more or less in the middle of the series. This will be a short and sweet review because I don’t want to spoil the story for you.

Rebus has to face a lot of things this time, starting with seeing a known paedophile and deciding to ‘out’ him to the community in which he leaves, through a son of his high-school sweatheart going missing, a convicted murderer being released in US and deciding to come back to Scotland to play a game with him all the way to a grueling court case against paedophiles. He will have to yet again face his past, his loyalties are tested and he has to make decisions that do not make him proud and that he will have to pay for dearly. As always Rankin delves deep into Rebus’ motivations and thoughts, making us sympathize with him even when we disagree with his choices. The book packs so much in terms of plot that the pace never slows down and I just kept turning pages, if I could I’d probably read it in one day.

I can’t wait to read another random book in the series!

4 thoughts on “Dead Souls – Ian Rankin

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