Set in Darkness – Ian Rankin

I continue to read my DI Rebus novels in random order. This time we land in episode eleven. You can find links to my reviews of other books in the series at the bottom of this post.

This time DI Rebus has been assigned as police liaison to the Scottish Parliament that is just about to be opened. At one point, unfortunately, a body is found on the construction site. Clearly not a recent murder, but also not one few hundred years old. Shortly after one of the Member of the Scottish Parliament is also found dead. Due to this sad occasion, his entire eccentric family descends on the city.

As DI Rebus digs into the case, DS Siobhan Clarke witnesses a homeless man committing suicide at the Waverley Station. Tragic as the incident is, it probably would not be too surprising, were it not for the fact that the deceased had 400,000 pounds.

The plot thickens quickly. On top of that, as always Rebus is also haunted by his demons. And the worst of them, Cafferty, has just been released from prison, because of terminal cancer. Rebus has to work both the current case and the one related to the historical body. Clearly, the old mob’s business is entwined with Cafferty’s current plans, and with someone stepping in his toes, this just cannot end well.

It also does not help hat one of the key witnesses dies of heart attack while being interrogated by Rebus. His situation gets worse and worse and a one-night-stand with the sister of one of the deceased does little to improve matters.

This was one of the most action-packed DI Rebus books I read so far. One of the darkest too. I remain faithful if a little erratic fan of the series.

Resurrection Men

Dead Souls

Knots and Crosses

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska 

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