February round-up

February is over and I couldn’t be happier about it. Traditionally February is the worst month of the year for me, so at least it has the advantage of being short. Compared to last February this year has been a bit better reading-wise, I managed to finish five books. It has been a very varied month in terms of books, I’ve read 3 nonfiction and 3 fiction books, travelled between Bulgaria and Wyoming, read some crime, but also a touching story of friendship. Books have definitely made this month a bit more bearable.

Now all that’s left is waiting for the spring to come in March and then the life will become joyful again. How do you deal with February blues? What is your pick-me-up trick?

12. Międzymorze – Ziemowit Szczerek (r)
11. Street Without a Name: Childhood and Other Misadventures in Bulgaria – Kapka Kassabova (r)
10. The Gustav Sonata – Rose Tremain (r)
9. Rozdarta Zasłona – Maryla Szymiczkowa (r)
8. The Solace of Open Spaces – Gretel Ehrlich (r)

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska 

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