The Thirst – Jo Nesbo

My Bigger Half bought me the two Harry Hole books I was missing for Christmas 2019. I devoured them before it was time to fly back to London after the break. They are not short books, but they are the definition of a page-turner.

Harry Hole is finally happy. Who would have thought? Waking up daily next to his beloved Rakel, with Oleg safe and studying in police college. Harry now turned into a lecturer. Life indeed is bliss. This is why when approached by the police to help with murders of women who met their killer on Tinder, Harry is reluctant to lend a hand. He made a promise to Rakel and to himself.

Yet the details of the murders are disturbingly familiar. Harry cannot stop thinking of the one case that he did not solve. Step by step he is pulled back, despite Rakel’s reservations and his own apprehension. As always things get out of hand, with Harry breaking every rule possible and every commitment he made, faithful to only one thing – solving the case.

As always I enjoyed it immensely and happily jumped to the next book – The Knife – right away. I do however understand if not everyone is a Nesbo fan, and with only some effort can admit his books are not all equal. I liked this one a lot, but still, by far the most chilling one is The Snowman.

Macbeth – Jo Nesbo

Jo Nesbo x3

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska 

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