Fourth quarter round-up

I think it’s still not too late to do a brief summary of the last quarter of 2019. I am still getting used to saying we’re in 2020, so I’ll allow myself this tiny decadence of being late to the party.

The quarter started beautifully, with my first trip to Greece. I fell in love with Crete and enjoyed every bit of the sun I could catch. I also drove a rental car for the first time and I am happy to report that it has been a success (even after 5 years of not driving at all). From there, things went a bit south, with a really emotionally draining November at work.

In December things slowly started picking up again and then there was a mad rush to Christmas. I hope you had a lovely holiday, but for me, it went too quickly and felt oddly similar to a hurdle race. Too many things to do, people to see, things to check off the list. Maybe it was because, very unusually for me, I was working all the way till Christmas Eve. I’m definitely not making that mistake next year! Let me also add 3 months with a dietician that resulted in precisely nothing…well… maybe in me eating healthier, but no weight loss.

Reading and writing….eh… what can I say, 14 books in three months may not seem so bad, but if you factor in the two weeks beach vacation and then Christmas break things stop looking so rosy. Either way, I discovered that if I want to get back to reading my best way back is through crime fiction. Given my scattered state of mind and attention span of a three-year-old, it is the only thing that keeps me focused. And since I always enjoyed a good crime novel I decided to let myself do it and stop being a reading snob and pushing myself into reading books I cannot finish.

On the writing front, it was even worse. Basically, throughout the fourth quarter, I wrote one post. Everything else has been written earlier. After the December post, this is actually my second attempt to get my mojo back. There is one more thing that happened that I hope will get me on track: my Bigger Half completely took over our shared office. Hence I lost access to the desk.

Do not despair! This resulted in me doing something about it and getting my new creative corner in the living room! Yay! Finally my desk again! My own! My precious! After 9 years 🙂


Let’s hope my new nest will tempt me to write more!

Here is what I read in Q4, I’ll hopefully be adding reviews in the next few weeks, so the links will be updated as that happens.

64. Iluzjonista – Remigiusz Mróz (r)
63. Knife – Jo Nesbo (r)
62. The Thirst – Jo Nesbo (r)
61. Babel: Around the World in Twenty Languages – Gaston Dorren (r)
60. A Dangerous Talent – Charlotte Elkins, Aaron Elkins (r)
59. Frankenstein in Baghdad – Ahmed Saadawi (r)
58. Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety – Alan W. Watts (r)
57. Abide with Me – Elizabeth Strout (r)
56. The Radleys – Matt Haig (r)
55. The Muse – Jessie Burton (r)
54. Why Mummy Drinks – Gill Sims (r)
53. The Song of Achilles – Madeline Miller (r)
52. The Lacuna – Barbara Kingsolver (r)
51. Why the Dutch Are Different? – Ben Coates (r)

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska 

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