Knife – Jo Nesbo

The Knife begins precisely where The Thirst finished. Well, maybe not precisely, we lose a night. Or rather Harry does. He wakes up with a horrible hangover, covered in blood. Cannot remember a thing. The next thing he realizes is that he lost everything.

 He’s never had a case like this. He doesn’t know if he’s done something unimaginable or someone else took everything from him. There’s no lack of people who’d like to do that. Harry fights not to unravel, as he tries to solve the most difficult and painful case of his life.

It is a dark book indeed. We know Harry will solve the case, but what we don’t know is whether he’ll be able to live with the solution he finds. Is it going to be bearable? What do you do when the truth may be the one thing that will obliterate you? And yet, Harry already proved multiple times, there’s nothing more important for him than the solution, nothing matters more.

The Knife is a riveting tale of loss, pain and no hope of redemption. What’s done is done. There are only consequences.

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska 

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