The Partner – John Grisham

In the second half of August I finally managed to get from the UK back to my family home in Poland. For a well deserved two weeks of holidays. With my mum we decided to lazy in our lovely house, instead of risking going anywhere. As it was vacation it was also time for lighter reads, so one of the books I picked was The Keeper of Lost Things, which was not a success. So after that bitter disappointment I needed a reliably decent read. And this is why there are books by John Grisham in the world.

Now this is one of those books by Grisham that completely divorces itself from any notion at probability. If you want to enjoy it you have to go along for the ride and suspend your logic.

Patrick Lanigan was a lawyer in Mississippi. A partner in a firm. He faked his own death and then stole $90 mln from his partners and fled to South America. We meet him as he is found and some quite unpleasant events follow. Then step by step we work our way in both directions: how will the current situation resolve, but also how it all came to be. How much of it was Patrick’s careful planning and how much just pure luck.

The story has good pace, many interesting, if not necessarily pleasant characters are involved. And what is more as much as the one step before the ending is unbelievable, the last twist is completely deserved. I really cannot tell you anything more, because then it wouldn’t be worth reading.

A good, sturdy legal thriller.

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Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska 

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