The Rainmaker – John Grisham

I mentioned several times before that when I need decent entertainment I have few authors I turn to and John Grisham is one of them. His books are reliable, some better, some worse, but all meet a certain standard. This time with The Rainmaker I struck gold, it was a fantastic book.

Our protagonist is a fresh law school graduate, who is completely broke and has just found out that the job he was supposed to have after his graduation is not going to happen. By accident he gets involved in a case against a large insurance company. It seems predictable, it is predictable and yet the ending surprised me, had me laughing and completely satisfied.

The book packs all of Grisham forte’s good plot, believable characters, good pace, sense of humour, a dose of courtroom drama, it’s all there in perfect doses. It is a whole lot better than The Racketeer, the only other Grisham I reviewed on this blog. It is entertainment that does not make you feel stupid or guilty of mass murdering your brain cells.

Photo by Violetta Kaszubowska @ vkphotospace

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